Nick Dewhurst

Jazz Trumpeter & Guitarist

Hi Folks, many thanks for visiting my website.

Here you can find out information about my band ‘The Nick Dewhurst Band’, as well as live gig dates for both my own bands, and the gigs that I help to promote in Lichfield.

There’s also information here about music lessons that I offer, as well as an online shop featuring both of my albums ‘Suspect in You’ and ‘Skyrocket’, plus all of my original Big Band compositions are listed for sale too. In addition, you can find information and links to my book ‘Fun and Funky Tunes’, which is published by Warwick Music, and available from their website.

Whilst you’re here why not have a browse through the gallery, check out some of the videos too, and have a flick through the discography too? 😉

For all the latest news please head to @nickdewhurstmusic on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

Many thanks for browsing, and if you wish to get in contact, please email me at: nick.dewhurst@live.co.uk

All the very best,


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