Wider Opps & Beginner Band Music

Compositions for Wider Opps/First Access

(WCET – Whole Class Ensemble Tuition)

Detailed below are a list of compositions I have written for some of my work in schools.  All of these pieces have been tried and tested in a number of schools, and work very well for young musicians and learners! I’ve included a brief bit of information about each tune. These tunes have been written for Trumpets, Baritone Horns, Clarinets (all in Bb), Alto Saxes (in Eb).  The parts would also work well with Trombone (either in Treble or Bass Clef).

These compositions are all for sale, and upon receiving payment,  I’d email you PDFs and a Backing Track. (Bank Transfer is fine, and I’m sure Paypal is too, although I’ve not figured out how to do that yet…gimme some more time!).

Please get in touch if you have any questions or are interested in the music! nick.dewhurst@live.co.uk

Compositions for Wider Opps Beginners

These are pieces I use with complete beginners, starting with one note, and gradually adding more notes.  These pieces cost £3.00 each per teacher.  Different rates apply if being bought on behalf of a music school/music service (to be used by more than one teacher) or such institution/organisation.  

All tracks have a backing track that I’ve made on Sibelius, using simple Midi Sounds.

  • Rock n Roll C’s – a 12 bar blues with a rock feel using just a C! (3 variations, using semibreve, minim and crotchets).  Clarinets and Alto Saxes can use E/B to begin with.
  • Two at a Time – a simple bossa nova using two notes (C&D) 3 variations, with rhythms requiring slightly more brainpower as it goes through.
  • 3 for All – a Status Quo style riff with a melody using three notes (C,D &E).  Notes are spaced out to begin, and then get slightly quicker.
  • Warm Up – Flexibility Exercise – a exercise using 5 notes that gradually gets higher, and the interval gets gradually wider.
  • Tooty Fruity – a simple tune that uses five notes.  Same theme repeated 4 times, with harmony parts being added each time.
  • Just Playin’ Some Jazz – a very simple 5 note tune, with a slightly tricky final section.  This one features swing quavers!
  • Up to G – does exactly what it says on the tin.  Uses five notes, and has a really catchy boogie-woogie backing track to go with it!
  • A Spring In My Step – an easy waltz, that goes from low A to a higher A.  Also introduces Bb.  Very singable!

Compositions for Beginner Band

These are simple pieces designed for children that have played for a year, and are now in a school band. There are seperate parts for the different instruments: Trumpet, Baritone, Clarinet and Alto Sax.  Can also be used with Trombone.  Each piece has a backing track too, again made using simple Midi sounds on Sibelius.  These pieces cost £10.00 each per teacher.  Different rates apply if being bought on behalf of a music school/music service (to be used by more than one teacher) or such institution/organisation.  

  • Bebop Bounce a really easy swing blues using 5 notes.  There’s one tricky bar that includes an Eb.
  • Coffee Time a repetitive riff, roughly of Grade 1 standard.  Introduces F#.  Very catchy.
  • It’s Just The Reggae Way Easy reggae groove tune, going from low A (concert G) to an octave higher.
  • Cops and Robbers Has a Starsky and Hutch feel to it – long notes from a D, with some funky and groovey riffs and stabs throughout.
  • Gentle Waves A tune using long notes to get them using air! Has a gospel feel to it.
  • El Cazador Featuring loads of Spanish clichés.  The main tune is quite a blow, but good for pushing kids up to a Grade 1 standard.
  • A Spring In My Step (band version) Similar to the above version.  Written in waltz time, and fun to tell parents in concerts that it’s like being at the German Christmas Market!
  • A Pirate’s Jig Written in 6/8 to push the students on.  Easy notes, but a catchy folky tune.  Also uses a slow chromatic scale, and has a soloists section – great for bringing the level of the band up!
  • Welcome Back Written for kids (and teachers) with ‘Holiday chops’ – something nice and easy to get back into the swing of things.
  • Pirate’s Disco An epic disco backing track featuring a simple repetitive melody, using notes suitable for beginners.  This was quite a big hit at this year’s Christmas concerts!
  • Sparkles A more ‘arty’ sounding piece, making regular use of F#, and different parts within the band.

Please note: this webpage is in progress – I’m busy using teaching all these tunes, which is why it doesn’t look any prettier yet! Also please be aware, prices may change whilst I continue to research this area and learn more about it – I don’t want to sell these pieces for peanuts, or for them to be too expensive – thanks in advance for your understanding & co-operation.

Thanks for browsing! ND.

All original music copyright Nick Dewhurst 2018. 

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