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The Nick Dewhurst Band plays a type of jazz and funk that is exciting and original, whilst remaining accessible and enjoyable to a wide range of audiences! Jazz critics will enjoy the original compositions and creativity within the band, and fans of simply great live music will enjoy the mix of well known tunes, balanced with original music that’s also highly accessible, but ticks all the boxes of modern contemporary jazz, just in it’s own way.

You want interaction? Original music? Young exciting upcoming musicians? Great grooves? Passionate solos? Fine arrangements and writing? 3 horn voicings? Melt the house down guitar solos? Well, you’ll find it all in this band. The only thing we don’t have is one of those unusual contemporary jazz names…why? Because this is simply the Nick Dewhurst Band!

Led by multi-instrumentalist, award winning, 1st Class Honours degree graduate of the Birmingham Conservatoire Jazz Course, NYJO graduate, MYJO graduate, massively enthusiastic musician, teacher, and 21st century portfolio musician trying to make a living in music, Nick Dewhurst (who plays Trumpet and Guitar), the band is also made up of fellow 1st Class Honours graduate from Brum, Callum Roxburgh on Tenor Saxophone. Callum has a sound that combines all of the sax greats – but in particular Stan Getz, mixed in with a splash of Coltrane. Oh, and heaps of Northern Tea and Butter Pies (but that’s because he’s originally from near Preston). Occasionally joining the front line of Nick and Callum is graduate of Chethams school of Music, Beth Fisher. Now a mechanic in the day, Beth will sort your MOT out, and then play a blistering Soprano Sax solo for you in the evening. Talented eh? You bet.

Backing up this front 3 that rivals Liverpool’s Salah, Firmino and Mane in terms of passion, skill and dedication, are a back 3 featuring Tom Lindsay on Piano, Tom Moore on Bass Guitar and Double Bass, and Carl Hemmingsley on Drums. It gets confusing having two Toms (and we’re not referring to the drums here), but our pianist Tom Lindsay, who has played with Nick since their first year together at the Conservatoire in Birmingham, is a well established musician in the Midlands, and as well as having a high profile teaching job in jazz piano, he has a busy schedule as a musician, playing up and down the country regularly with all sorts of bands! Our bassist Tom Moore is a man in demand too. He recently started playing regularly with guitarist Remi Harris, but he also plays with all sorts of bands across the country as well. In fact we’re so lucky every time he’s available to play with us! You want bass in Birmingham, you need Tom Moore. (I heard a rumour he also runs his own Bluegrass band…?!)

And finally, our drummer, Carl Hemmingsley. What can we say. This guy plays funk and fusion like no other. His sound, groove, time and feel are monstrously good. He’s also 15 years older than the rest of us, so he’s kind of the wise old man of the group. Carl also boasts an impressive playing CV, so we’re very lucky to have him too! We love his stories at band curries of going to see this or that amazing band from the past…

We’ve done lots of gigs around the Midlands, and have recorded our debut CD ‘Suspect in You’ which received some really nice reviews! There’s still some copies in boxes in Nick’s house, so please get in touch if you want one. We’ve also done some concerts with renowned guest artists including Mike Walker, Dennis Rollins and Derek Nash. They were great gigs, and you can see highlights of the one with Dennis on YouTube.

Finally. We’ve won no grammys, we don’t have 100K followers on Instagram, Nick can’t play a super C on trumpet, we’re not from London, we have normal day jobs too, but we’re still artists! We can put on a great show, and we hope the audience will love it.

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