Live Jazz for Events

Nick regularly works with a wide range of professional jazz musicians, and can help to put on live jazz for your event! Whether you’re looking for background jazz, some funky party music, or perhaps are looking at putting on a jazz concert or gig, please get in touch to discuss what might work best!

Depending on the type of event, Nick can provide everything from small background jazz duos, trios and quartets, through to larger ensembles with vocalists, and even a full 16-piece Big Band!

Below is some more information and pictures to give you ideas, but it’s best to contact Nick to discuss exactly what you’re after, and to find out more! Please get in touch by email ( to see what might work for your event!

Jazz Duos, Trios or Quartets

When what you’re looking for is some live jazz to entertain your guests, provide gentle background jazz accompaniment or play some swingin’ jazz standards, Nick can provide this with a range of ensembles, including Jazz Duos, Trios or Quartets!

Funky Jazz and lively party music to make you dance!

When sometimes background jazz doesn’t give enough punch, and you want something to entertain your guests with and make them dance, Nick can provide a larger band that plays funky tunes all night long, mixing great jazz with funky pop tunes too! These gigs always work well with vocals too, and Nick can provide great vocalists for your event, so you can sing along too!

A Full 16 Piece Big Band

Nothing beats the sound of a full big band! Pictured here in full swing is the Lichfield Jazz Big Band, featuring 16 of the Midlands finest jazz musicians. If your event just won’t do without the massive sound that a big band can provide, then look no further! Nick would be delighted to provide a full swingin’ big band playing a selection of great jazz hits and much more!

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