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Skyrocket CD

Released during lockdown in 2020, Skyrocket is the latest CD by the Nick Dewhurst Band! Featuring 8 originals, a Stevie Wonder Cover and a Larry Carlton tune, this album features Nick not only on Trumpet and Flugel, but on Guitar too! For this album, he is joined by Sam Craig on Tenor Sax, Beth Fisher on Soprano and Alto Sax, Callum Roxburgh on Alto Sax, Tom Lindsay on Piano, Tom Moore on Bass, Carl Hemmingsley on Drums, as well as special guest, Dennis Rollins on Trombone! The album features pieces that have been played regularly at Lichfield Jazz gigs across the past couple of years, including ‘One For Dennis’, ‘Heatwave’, ‘Turbocharger’, ‘Skyrocket’, and of course the bands take on ‘I Wish’! This album is full of memorable melodies, great solos, funky grooves, and a lovely blend between more ‘artsy jazz’ and ‘pop-jazz’! Order your copy today!! Price includes Postage & Packing.


Suspect in You CD

Recorded in 2016, Suspect in You is the debut CD of the Nick Dewhurst Band! The album features 8 great originals, including Suspect in You and Fusion Line, as well as the jazz standard ‘Easy Living’. Recorded live in 3 days, Suspect in You features a raw sound that is full of excitement and interaction, and features Nick on Trumpet and Flugel, Callum Roxburgh on Tenor Saxophone, Tom Lindsay on Piano, Tom Moore on Bass, and Carl Hemmingsley on Drums. Price includes Postage and Packing.


Skyrocket & Suspect in You Special Bundle Offer!!

Can’t make your mind up which album to purchase? No worries – here’s a little bundle offer to pursuade you to purchase both 😉 Enjoy the music folks!!


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