Lichfield Jazz Coronavirus Safety Measures

Dear Lichfield Jazzers,

We really hope you’re looking forward to live music resuming as much as we are, but clearly we need to make sure everyone’s safety is a priority. We will be making sure that some strict Coronavirus safety measures are put in place for all of our gigs.

These are going to be listed below. Please note this is a working document, and will be updated from time to time as we see fit. We would welcome any suggestions if you have any of course!

  • Our main venue, the Cathedral Hotel, is a Covid Secure Venue
  • We will have a one way system in place.  Audience in through main doors to the room, and out via the side room 
  • Masks to be worn indoors unless sipping a drink (or can’t be worn due to medical /other reasons)
  • Chairs to be placed 2m apart, apart from social bubble exclusions
  • There will be hand sanitiser for on the way in and out of the venue
  • Room will be ventilated with the fans already installed in the venues in operation, with the windows in the side room open, as well as being fully open at the start, in the middle, and at the end of the gig.
  • There will be a large gap (over 2 metres) between any wind instruments and audience members 
  • Brass and Wind players encouraged to play facing into the band, rather than projecting towards the audience. Additional measures such as bell-covers may be in use too.
  • Bands will be kept small (for instance regrettably our Christmas Special will not feature a Big Band this year)
  • Tickets can only be bought in advance online, so that the usual queue is eliminated.  People will just need to give their name on arrival
  • Audience numbers will be limited to 30 (we feel it isn’t safe to have anymore in the room to maintain social distancing)
  • There will be no singing or chanting along to the music, and musicians will be made aware of this so as not to encourage joining in (we’ll have to save ‘Tequila” for another time ay!
  • Signs will be made to make safety measures clear
  • We will have a ‘staggered interval’, encouraging some rows to get drinks before and after the break, so that not everyone goes at the same time.  

Please note, whilst we will absolutely do our best to make our gigs Covid-19 safe and secure, clearly we can not guarantee our gigs are 100% risk free, so you will be attending at your own risk. Please be reassured though that everyone’s safety is our utmost priority.

Many thanks, the Lichfield Jazz team 😊

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