Skyrocket Takes Off!

Well folks I’m absolutely delighted to say it’s finally time to launch the new album, and here it is!! This is the 2nd album from my band, and it’s called ‘Skyrocket’!

This album features 8 original tracks, 1 Larry Carlton tune, and a Stevie Wonder cover. It features some amazing playing froSkyrocket Selfiem Sam Craig, Beth Fisher, Callum Roxburgh, Tom Lindsay, Tom Moore and Carl Hemmingsley, plus it features our very special guest on this album, Dennis Rollins!

It also features some lovely artwork & a terrific mix from John Sambrook at Magic Mountain Creative, as well as some amazing photos from John Watson (

Hopefully some of you will recognise some of the tunes from our gigs over the past couple of years, including tunes such as One For Dennis (as played by Walsall Jazz Orchestra), Heatwave (as played by the Lichfield Jazz Big Band at the past two Christmas specials!), Gibraltar Rock – which is one I lead on guitar from, plus also Beth’s feature ‘Turbocharger’, as well as our Stevie Wonder tune ‘I Wish’, which always goes down well at gigs! For our local Lichfield friends, Bird Street Blues (dedicated to the ‘jazz quarter’ in Lichfield) has also made it onto the album – so there’s even a local link too! I hope you feel there’s an enjoyable mixture of artistic jazz pieces, as well as some of our more pop-jazz music (rock ‘n’ roll Jazz as Uncle Brian calls it!!!)

To purchase your copy of Skyrocket!!

There are currently two ways to purchase your copy of Skyrocket!!

  1. Email me at and ask for an Order Form! I’ll get one sent over to you.  Payment is via bank transfer.
  2. Pay with PayPal on this website! Please head to the shop ( to pick up your copy now!

And finally, for a little teaser…

Check out this little Teaser video on YouTube now!


All the best,
from one very chuffed ND 🥳

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