Fun and Funky Tunes OUT NOW!

It’s finally here! Fun and Funky Tunes is OUT NOW!!

Fun and Funky Tunes is a collection of compositions I originally wrote to use with my own students. I’ve used these pieces with School Bands, in Small Group lessons, and with Whole Class Instrumental Teaching. After having used some of the pieces for a few years now, some of my teaching colleagues were telling me I must get them published, which is why they’re now available for sale, and to be enjoyed by a much wider selection of students, teachers and audiences!

The pieces were originally designed with Trumpet, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone and Baritone horn in mind, and some had several parts. However, this music has been rearranged for all Brass and Woodwind in Bb (Trumpet, Clarinet, Bb lower brass), Bass Clef Brass, French Horn, Eb Horn, Alto Saxophone and Flute. It has been written in such a way that if your class, ensemble or lesson only has one of, or a selection of
these instruments, the pieces will still work. The music is not designed for complete beginners, but it can be used once students have learnt the first five notes of the concert Bb major scale.

For more details or to purchase, head on over to:

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