Looking into 2020!

The Lichfield Jazz Big Band, live in action at the Cathedral Hotel Christmas Special 2019! Thanks to John Watson/jazzcamera.co.uk for the great pic! 

What’s coming up then?

There’s plenty to look forward to in 2020! Gigs with small bands, big bands, jazz bands and pop bands! Plus there’s rumour of a new album, and this might be the year some of my teaching resources get published…but we’ll see! For now though, it’s time to get your diaries out and put in some of these dates!

  • Wed 15th Jan: Lichfield Jazz Presents the Wendy Kirkland Band at the Cathedral Hotel, Lichfield, 8pm. Tickets from www.lichfieldarts.org.uk
  • Sat 8th Feb: Jim Wynn Swing Orchestra at Birmingham Swing Festival’s Grand Ball! www.thsh.co.uk/event/birmingham-swing-festivals-grand-ball
  • Wed 19th Feb: Lichfield Jazz presents The Iain Ballamy Quartet at the Cathedral Hotel, Lichfield, 8pm.  Tickets from www.lichfieldarts.org.uk
  • Sat 29th Feb: MYJO (Midland Youth Jazz Orchestra) + Katy Gaskin at St Matthew’s Social Club, Burntwood. Tickets £10, on the door in advance from 01675 442050
  • Wed 18th March: Nick Dewhurst Band + Top Local Youth Big Band at the Cathedral Hotel, Lichfield.  8pm. Tickets from www.lichfieldarts.org.uk
  • Saturday 28th March: Nick Dewhurst Band live in Manchester at Matt & Phreds! (tbc but highly likely!) Playing live jazz, funk and pop from late o’clock till the early hours of the morning! https://mattandphreds.com/
  • Wed 15th April: Lichfield Jazz Presents Tom Lindsay Trio at the Cathedral Hotel, Lichfield, 8pm.  Tickets from www.lichfieldarts.org.uk
  • Wed 20th May: Lichfield Jazz Presents Pre-Festival Jam Session at the Cathedral Hotel, Lichfield, 8pm.  Tickets from www.lichfieldarts.org.uk
  • Thurs 28th May: Walsall Jazz Orchestra at Lichfield Blues & Jazz Festival
  • Friday 29th May: Nick Dewhurst Band + Dennis Rollins at Lichfield Blues and Jazz Festival
  • Friday 7th August: Walsall Jazz Orchestra at Church Stretton Festival
  • Sun 13th Sep: Nick Dewhurst Band at The Feathers, Lichfield (tbc)
  • Sat 24th Oct: Nick Dewhurst Band at Matt & Phreds, Manchester (tbc)
  • Mon 2nd Nov: Nick Dewhurst Band at Kenilworth Jazz (tbc)
  • Mon 7th or 14th: Nick Dewhurst Band, or Big Band, at Tamworth Jazz (tbc)
  • Wed 16th Dec: Lichfield Jazz Big Band Christmas Special

This is just a few of the dates, and there’s plenty more on their way, do stay tuned!



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