Loads to look forward to this summer!!

There’s loads planned for this summer! My own band have got two great gigs coming up, and Blast Off are out and about regularly too! There’s also the Blues & Jazz Festival happening in June, as well as the monthly jazz nights continuing till the end of the year!

Here’s some of the main highlights…

1) Saturday 18th May: Nick Dewhurst Band play ‘Kind of Blue-ish’ as part of the Birmingham Jazz Legends Festival.  It’s our take on Miles Davis’ famous album!


2) Saturday 1st June: Nick Dewhurst Band plus special guest Derek Nash! We’ll be putting on a full on funky show with this great guest saxophonist!


3) Sunday 30th June: Blast Off play at the Feathers.  Always a terrific evening, and the pub is always packed! The band has 40 members…so it’s going to be a very big big-band gig!! Mike & Tracey are great hosts too, so we’re looking forward to this one!

Feathers April 18.jpg

4) Sunday 14th July: Blast Off’s 5th Birthday Party! What an occasion this is going to be! The band was originally a one-off project put together for Fuse, and here we are, 5 years later! This is going to be some party…!! (Pic credit John Watson/jazzcamera.co.uk)


5) Sunday 11th August: Blast Off head once again to the Red Lion in Longdon Green.  It’s a beer festival, so what’s not to like? We’ll keep you entertained whilst you sample the long line of beers on offer! Make sure you get a taxi or have a designated driver!!!


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