European Band

Last week witnessed the start of a new jazz project. Together with my old pal Joris Bolhaar (NL), we organised a jazz quintet week that brought together players from three countries. Myself and Callum Roxburgh (also a graduate of the Birmingham Conservatoire) represented the UK with Trumpet and Tenor Saxophone. From the Netherlands was Joris (Double Bass), and Marius Van Den Brink (Piano). Our Drummer, Stefan Schneider, comes from Germany, so it was a multi-lingual band, with all three languages being used in rehearsal!

Why this band then? Well, the plan is to do a tour in the Netherlands and Germany next summer, and we hope to do a UK leg too. So, we decided to meet up in October, and we did two days rehearsing, a concert at the Conservatorium in Utrecht, and then we recorded all day in De Tor – the jazz club in Enschede.

Watch this space for more details!

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