In January, I had the pleasure of playing some original jazz in Malmö with friends from the Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, and Sweden itself! A truly international band.  We played a rather sponteneous gig in Copenhagen (as in, walked into a cafe…spotted the piano and bass in the corner…and played some tunes, as you do), and we played the gig that we rehearsed all week for at the Copenhagen Jazz Bar, somewhat confusingly located in Malmö.  A great time was had, and a wonderful experience to meet and play with some new international musicians. Shame it was rather damp, cold and windy, but it was Malmö in January, so we had that one coming!! haha!! In the band was: Yours truly (tpt), Ramune Jasin (Sax), Joris Bolhaar (tbn), Stefan Schneider (drms), Martin Lundquist (pno), Christian Pfeifer (bass), Stefan Schneider (drms).


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