In the studio with Chris Elliott

Thursday night I played with Chris Elliott’s band at Paradise Lounge in Lichfield.  It was a great gig, and a great crowd turned out to watch.  However, one lady who watched the gig asked us at the end if she could find the band anywhere on youtube at all….which she couldn’t, Thursday night that is.  So this got me and Chris thinking and on Good Friday we decided to meet up for a couple of hours and do a classic bedroom youtube style video of one of his songs.  We picked a soft song called ‘Frowning Far Too Much’.  First of all we recorded Chris singing and playing his acoustic guitar, afterwhich I then recording a trumpet part.  We filmed the whole thing from a couple of angles, but in the end settled on only using certain cameras.  It was a fun afternoon project in which we got a cool recording of one of Chris’ delicate songs, and was a good challenge on making movies haha! Hope you enjoy Chris’ song! Nk. 🙂

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