Beat City Jazz Festival: Thursday

Woo, well done Sam Marchant! This guy did a great job last weekend organising the Beat City Jazz Festival! I was lucky enough to have time to pop down on Thursday.  I caught Tom Dunnetts band at the Yardbird.  In Tom’s band was himself on Trombone, Alex Woods on Alto and Tenor Sax, Gareth Fowler on Guitar, Daniel Casimir on Bass and Ric Yarborough on Drums.  The band sounded great! It was quite a contemporary sound, and the band played mostly Tom’s originals, with tunes from his Curry suite including ‘Korma’, ‘Tikka Masala’, and ‘Jeremy’s Bhuna’! Tom’s unique approach to trombone gives him a distinctive voice, and it was great to see/hear how Alex provided a different approach on sax, and Gareths playing was fantastic! Dan and Ric provided a mega backdrop, and both played super solos themselves! A great quintet Tom!

Next on I watched guitarist Gareth Fowler’s Quartet, with Dan Bayliss on Alto, Gareth on Guitar, Mark Hodgson on Bass, and Andrew Bain on Drums.  A great line up, with a different sound to the previous band.  I really enjoyed the interaction, the creative ideas, and the energy and vibe of this band.  Good job Gareth!

The final band was Ant Law’s quartet, also a sax/guitar/bass/drums job.  Unfortunately I couldn’t stay round to hear them, but I trust it was a great show!

Great job from Sam to organise the festival, and I look forward to having more time to attend the next one!! Nk. 🙂

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