Lucy Ward Gig

On Friday I played with the Chris Elliott band in support of award-winning folk artist Lucy Ward.  I can safely say we had a fantastic evening! The gig was part of Lichfield Art’s Folk and Roots Festival.  Chris’ band started the evening, and we played a range of songs, old and new.  The band sounded tight, and for me it’s a great break to play in this band away from my more usual jazz setting…Euan Ritchie plays Banjo and Ukulele, Matthew Jones plays Bass, I tap on a hand drum and play the trumpet, and Chris leads us all together with his acoustic guitar and singing.  I look forward to the next one!

Lucy played two mega sets! She started both sets accapella, and then picked up her guitar.  She always had a wonderful story to explain the songs, which the listener could then follow and understand.  For me this makes such a difference otherwise my ears go straight to the music, and ignore the lyrics!! Thank you Lucy for that one 🙂 She did a range of songs, from the dark and deeply meaningful, to some more light hearted ones, and her final number was great fun, singing about getting Dirty in Hawaii!! All in all a great gig, and thanks to Lichfield Arts for putting it on, along with their Folk and Roots Festival this weekend.

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